Benefits of Executive Search Firms

Although bringing recruiting in-house may appear an attractive option to a company trying to economize, there are a number of benefits to utilizing an executive search firm to identify and hire for vacancies. In the long run, these benefits may, in fact, provide more value to an organization seeking to hire a successful candidate with …

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Female Recruiters

Are women better recruiters than men? An article published in the summer of 2014 by Hunt Scanlon Media relayed the results of its 25-year-long assessment of female recruiters in the talent management profession, noting “significant advancements” and “unprecedented” growth. The group’s statistics indicated that the number of female consultants in “Big Five” global search firms rose …

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Job Hopping

By Holly Valovick -QLK The term “job-hopping” can mean different things to different people; Frank Dadah of recruitment firm WinterWyman defines it as “moving from one company to the next every one to two years, [having] done it multiple times, [with] the reason for each move due to something other than a layoff or company …

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